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personal SPF record for my domain

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Your personal SPF record for your domain (Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
In order to largely prevent spam abuse with your own email domain, we would be happy to enter a personal SPF record for your domain in the name server.

I strongly recommend an SPF entry for your domain!
Please write me your request: Open a new ticket.

e.g .: moderate:
v = spf1 a mx ~ all
or strict:
v = spf1 a mx -all
For our servers:
v = spf1 a mx ip4: ~ all
v = spf1 a mx ip4: -all
(Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
This is a process that prevents the sender address of e-mails from being forged. This helps to ward off SPAM messages. The SPF record defines which servers are authorized to send e-mails with this sender domain.
The following scenario should be prevented:
For example, a spammer sends a newsletter and uses your domain as the sender. "@". The recipient mail server now uses the SPF record of your domain to check whether this sender server is authorized to send messages with your domain and in your name. If this is not the case, the newsletter will not be accepted or treated as SPAM.
The SPF record of the type TXT is entered in the zone file of your domain.
This entry lists the authorized SMTP servers (outgoing mail servers) for your domain and thus checks whether the sending SMTP server was authorized to send these mails at all.

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